Tuesday, 2 August 2011

New Additions

This is not just the year for weddings but also the year for babies, we've had a few in our family and also some of my close friends have had little additions. All of this put me into action to search for the perfect baby blanket pattern for the new arrivals!! I have to say this was not easy, I expected just to find one in seconds, whether I was looking in the wrong place due to my inexperience or if it was because I was torn between finding a pattern or creating my own (I wanted it to be personal) it took me a while!! After trying out a few patterns and knitting in bright pink, bright yellow and green, I came across the pattern I had been looking for and you’ll be glad to know I went for a neutral colour so a boy or a girl would be happy with it. Please see the photos below of the completed pattern (the pattern is from LionBrand).

On a separate note, last Sunday I went to the SW Craft Club pop up event in Tooting. It was so much fun and I learnt many new skills (although having my make-up done in 40s style was very cool) and of course it was great to meet lots of new fellow crafters : )

TPL xo