Thursday, 2 June 2011

Love is in the air!


My friends got married on bank holiday Monday and what a beautiful wedding it was, not to mention a beautiful bride and a handsome groom!! This has definitely been a very busy year for me with lots of friends settling down and getting married, I have loved every wedding that I've attended, all of them have been individual and there has not been an embarrassing drunken uncle or a crying bridesmaid in sight. It made me start thinking about my own wedding last year and all the arranging, tears, tantrums (and that was just the husband ; )) that happened and just how the crazy side in people comes out when there is a wedding to be had!! I thought in today's blog I would just share with you some snippets from my own wedding and yes I am including my DIY projects such as our centre pieces and table planner. I also attach a photo of my friend's hat, which I fell in love with on Monday and felt that it deserved a space as she was one of the very few guests that wore one!

TPL xo

This is from Monday's cute!

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