Saturday, 11 June 2011

Home Comforts

What a stressful week this has been!  Sorry I don't mean to start this blog off so negatively and I have to apologise that my blog is a day late this week, tut tut and only the third week of being online! I thought this week I should share some of my projects, I'm hoping this will prove that I do actually make things instead of just twittering and blogging about craft.

Ok so I know that these first two photos do not look like anything special - I would be the first to say that! When I finally got my head around my sewing machine (which sadly died recently) I decided I should practice these new founds skills.  The reason I did these projects were for a few reasons, one I wanted to learn how to sew a zip, secondly I wanted to learn how to do button-holes and thirdly I just wanted to use my sewing machine and create something that I could have in my home, a little motivation perhaps.

So here it is, my effort, my art, my creation!! Ok so it's not actually that arty and if we're honest here, it's not even the prettiest of fabrics and the only thing these cushions match in my lounge is my ceiling (yes I do have light lilac ceilings - the joys of renting) but I love them all the same.

I also tried upholstering my furniture!  As I have already mentioned above I rent my tiny flat in London and although renting is great, you're not always going to get the cool urban decor you may expect!!  My dining table chairs were covered with what I can only describe as very old seventies dirty light brown with stains all over them.  This I just couldn't live with so with a little bit of cutting, sewing and a few pins my chairs were transformed!!

TPL xxx

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  1. Your seat covers are bold and must have really given the chairs a new lease on life! They remind me of the firework displays we have at Semaphore SA at New Year.
    The birds and leaves theme is clever and I love the colour.
    I think creating makes us feel fullfilled in a special way as we give something of ourselves and make a positive mark on our environment.
    Thank you for sharing it makes me want to get out my water paints!