Sunday, 13 November 2011

Winter Warmers

Despite being a sun lover, I do love this time of year, the time you can stay in and use the weather as an excuse, the time all the old movies are being played and work is slowing down and of course let's not forget mulled wine and winter pimms!

I warn you over the next few months you will see hats, gloves and scarves all over the blog as I embrace yet another cold winter in London! The hubby and I are visiting the city of romance, Paris for 4 long glorious days next month, I can't wait to go back there and be inspired by all things Parisian.

To start off, I knitted some headbands over the last week - cute accessories if you're skiing/snowboarding or just going on a Sunday winter afternoon walk.

TPL xox

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Turkish Delight

August saw me jetting off into the sunset to the beautiful land of turkish sun, sea, and cocktails!  I was determined to find some materials and lots of beads, unfortunately thanks to my sunbed I found neither!  I did though fall in love with this gorgeous throw with its rich and bright colours!

This month, I carried on with the theme of babywear and knitted these cute baby booties.  They are very easy to knit and make a very cute and personalised gift : )

I hope everyone had a great summer, looking forward to starting the autumn/winter projects.

TPL xx

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

New Additions

This is not just the year for weddings but also the year for babies, we've had a few in our family and also some of my close friends have had little additions. All of this put me into action to search for the perfect baby blanket pattern for the new arrivals!! I have to say this was not easy, I expected just to find one in seconds, whether I was looking in the wrong place due to my inexperience or if it was because I was torn between finding a pattern or creating my own (I wanted it to be personal) it took me a while!! After trying out a few patterns and knitting in bright pink, bright yellow and green, I came across the pattern I had been looking for and you’ll be glad to know I went for a neutral colour so a boy or a girl would be happy with it. Please see the photos below of the completed pattern (the pattern is from LionBrand).

On a separate note, last Sunday I went to the SW Craft Club pop up event in Tooting. It was so much fun and I learnt many new skills (although having my make-up done in 40s style was very cool) and of course it was great to meet lots of new fellow crafters : )

TPL xo

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Clothe Yourself in Pretty Fabric

What a fabulous week this has been, summer looks like it has finally arrived and summer fashion is adorning our streets again!   I've had a good week, London has been kind and I've even found time to finish off a project which will be featured in the next blog.  A few weeks ago, I had a good friend show me the way and took me to some of the fabric shop delights in London!  I've been trying to find some little fabric haunts for a while ... I am still searching so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know your secrets!  I bought some pretty fabrics which I will start work on soon to make some fabulous creations to share with you!  My only problem is I have lots of ideas and no sewing machine (it is on order!) and I am exercising all my patience....well my glass of red wine and book will help ; )  

Have a good evening TPL xoxox

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Home Comforts

What a stressful week this has been!  Sorry I don't mean to start this blog off so negatively and I have to apologise that my blog is a day late this week, tut tut and only the third week of being online! I thought this week I should share some of my projects, I'm hoping this will prove that I do actually make things instead of just twittering and blogging about craft.

Ok so I know that these first two photos do not look like anything special - I would be the first to say that! When I finally got my head around my sewing machine (which sadly died recently) I decided I should practice these new founds skills.  The reason I did these projects were for a few reasons, one I wanted to learn how to sew a zip, secondly I wanted to learn how to do button-holes and thirdly I just wanted to use my sewing machine and create something that I could have in my home, a little motivation perhaps.

So here it is, my effort, my art, my creation!! Ok so it's not actually that arty and if we're honest here, it's not even the prettiest of fabrics and the only thing these cushions match in my lounge is my ceiling (yes I do have light lilac ceilings - the joys of renting) but I love them all the same.

I also tried upholstering my furniture!  As I have already mentioned above I rent my tiny flat in London and although renting is great, you're not always going to get the cool urban decor you may expect!!  My dining table chairs were covered with what I can only describe as very old seventies dirty light brown with stains all over them.  This I just couldn't live with so with a little bit of cutting, sewing and a few pins my chairs were transformed!!

TPL xxx

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Love is in the air!


My friends got married on bank holiday Monday and what a beautiful wedding it was, not to mention a beautiful bride and a handsome groom!! This has definitely been a very busy year for me with lots of friends settling down and getting married, I have loved every wedding that I've attended, all of them have been individual and there has not been an embarrassing drunken uncle or a crying bridesmaid in sight. It made me start thinking about my own wedding last year and all the arranging, tears, tantrums (and that was just the husband ; )) that happened and just how the crazy side in people comes out when there is a wedding to be had!! I thought in today's blog I would just share with you some snippets from my own wedding and yes I am including my DIY projects such as our centre pieces and table planner. I also attach a photo of my friend's hat, which I fell in love with on Monday and felt that it deserved a space as she was one of the very few guests that wore one!

TPL xo

This is from Monday's cute!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Welcome to The Pretty Label

This week has been a very long and hard week at work.  I'm so happy that it's another bank holiday weekend, I love these 4 day weeks and wish they were a reality for me.  This weekend I'm busy starting a new project which I will post about shortly when I have something sufficient to show you!!   It's taken me a while to actually decide what my first post should be about, I've already confessed in my 'about me' section what I love!  I'll keep my first blog short and hopefully sweet and just share with you these gorgeous photos of some of the things I like and hopefully it will give you some idea of what to expect in the future with this blog.